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Open Clean™ was born to tackle this issue. Our market research has shown that end users would have a smarter and cleaner experience whilst drinking from a can, while our consumers prefer advertising their brands in Open Clean™ cans. A quarter of can users would change from their favoured brands in SOT cans to a competitor brand if it was available in an Open Clean™.


The majority of beverage cans around the world are opened with the Stay on Tab (SOT), using engineering from the 1970’s. It replaced the original contraptions from the 1950's and not only it reduced littering, but also the risk of ingestion from discarded tabs. 


However, market research on traditional SOT cans shows that 30% of consumers see the can as unhygienic, with the dirty top of the can being levered down into the drink.


Despite much pressure from the global can makers and some brands, cans with SOT have not been accepted by millions of consumers in Asia and in the Middle East, and there is still embedded resistance to these cans in Europe and the Americas

Areas of opportunity for Open Clean

market research in Italy by:                a leading company

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